Monday, 17 March 2008

A Ladder?

As ever with charity shops, you go in to look for one thing and come out with something completely different. This time, the intended t-shirt became an unintentional step ladder. Not even a proper step ladder, but a really small one like you'd use for getting intelligent books off high shelves. Intelligent books I don't possess, off a high shelf which doesn't exist. 
Whatever, it was only £4 and it may come in useful. Oh God, I just turned into my Dad. 

                                         It makes a good drying rack I guess....


I've been debating writing a blog for a while; it has always seemed a pretty self indulgent thing to do, and mostly they are a bit crap from the reader's point of view. What I don't want is the sort of 'super climbing obsessed youth' tedium which everyone seems to be spouting. More a place to vent my ranting where no one needs hear it if they can't be arsed. Perfect.